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UK 14.4V 2000mAh Battery for Makita 192600-1 193985-8
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14.4V 2000mAh Battery for Makita 192600-1 193985-8

UK Replacement Makita 192600-1 193985-8 Battery

  • Battery Type:Ni-Cd
  • Battery Volt:14.4 V
  • Battery Capacity:2000mAh
  • Color:Red
  • Availablity: In stock now
Cost Price: £32.50
Present Price: £27.50 inc VAT

Compatible P/N:
MAKITA1420, 1422, 192600-1, 193985-8

Fit Models:
MAKITA 14.4 Volt Cordless Drill Power Tools1051D, 1051DWA, 1051DWAE, 1051DWD, 1051DWDE, 1051DWF, 1051DWFE, 1051DZ, 4033D, 4033DZ, 4332D, 4333D, 4333DWAE, 4333DWD, 4333DWDE, 4333DZ, 5094DWD, 5630DWD, 6228DW, 6228DWAE, 6228DWBE, 6228DWE, 6233D, 6233DWAE, 6233DWBE, 6236DWBE, 6236DWDE, 6237D, 6237DWDE, 6280DWAE, 6280DWPE, 6281D, 6333D, 6333DA, 6333DWA, 6333DWAE, 633DWBE, 6336D, 6336DWA, 6336DWAE, 6336DWB, 6336DWBE, 6336DWDE, 6337D, 6337DWAE, 6337DWDE, 6337DWDESP, 6337DWFE, 6339DWDE, 6339DWFE, 6381D, 6932FD, 6932FDWDE, 6933FD, 6934FD, 6934FDWDE, 6935FD, 6935FDWDE, 6935FDWDEX, 8280DWAE, 8433D, 8433DWAE, 8433DWDE, 8433DWFE, 8434DWFE, BMR100, JR140D, JR140DWA, JR140DWAE, JR140DWB, JR140DWBE, JR140DWD, ML140 (Flashlight), ML141 (Flashlight), ML142 (Flashlight), ML143(Flashlight), UB140D, UB140DWA, UB140DWB

Customer Reviews: Current Reviews: 1
I received the replacement battery for my Makita drill timely. I appreciated the efficiency with which my order was handled. I always keep 2 batteries on hand so that I don't run out of power before the job is finished. The replacement battery works fine and I've been able to perform the chores around the house without a hitch.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]