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UK Li-Ion Battery for OLYMPUS LI-10B LI-12B LI-10C Camera
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Li-Ion Battery for OLYMPUS LI-10B LI-12B LI-10C Camera

UK LI-10B LI-12B LI-10C Battery

  • battery type:replacement battery
  • Type: Li-ion
  • Voltage:3.7V
  • Capacity:1400mAh
  • Availablity: In stock now
Cost Price: £12.99
Present Price: £9.95 inc VAT
This replacement Li-10B Battery is sourced directly from the manufacturer and thoroughly tested to ensure it is of the highest quality. It features the latest battery technology and uses A-grade components that meet or exceed the original specifications, ensuring that you get to use your camera for longer.

Compatible with:

Olympus LI-12B LI-10B LI-10

Suitable models:

μ-15 Digital μ-20 Digital μ-25 Digital μ-30 Digital μ 1000 μ 600
μ 800 μ 810 μ Digital 500 μ Digital 600 μ Digital 800 μ-10 Digital
μ-15 Digital μ-20 Digital μ-300 Digital μ-40 Digital μ-400 Digital
μ-410 μ-410 Digital μ-Ferrari
Camedia C-470 Zoom, Camedia C-50 Zoom, Camedia C-5000 Zoom, Camedia C-60 Zoom
Camedia C-70 Zoom, Camedia C-7000 Zoom
Camedia C-760 Ultra Zoom, Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom, Camedia C-770 Ultra Zoom
Camedia D-590 Zoom, Camedia X-1, Camedia X-2, Camedia X-3, Camedia X-500
FE-200 IR-500 MJU Ferrari Stylus 1000 Stylus 300 Digital
Stylus 400 Digital Stylus 410 Digital Stylus 500 Digital
Stylus 600 Digital Stylus 800 Digital Stylus 810 Stylus C-50
ì 810 ì Digital 800 ì-300 Digital

Xact DSC-J1 Xacti DSC-AZ3 Xacti DSC-J2 Xacti DSC-MZ3 Xacti VPC-AZ3
Xacti VPC-AZ3EX Xacti VPC-J1 Xacti VPC-J1EX Xacti VPC-J2
Xacti VPC-J2EX Xacti VPC-MZ3 Xacti VPC-MZ3EX Xacti VPC-MZ3GX

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It appears fine but have yet to charge it and try it works ok.
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